A Florida student allegedly assaulting a teacher for taking the Nintendo Switch has already been charged three times

The Florida high school student accused of violently assaulting a teacher’s assistant who he believes took his Nintendo Switch has previously been charged with three felonies on separate occasions.

Brendan Depa, 17, is being charged as an adult and facing one felony charge of aggravated battery against an elected official or education worker after deputies say he assaulted a teacher’s aide on Feb. 21, who the student claims was using his Nintendo Switch during the lesson has taken time. The incident happened at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida.

Depa is being held on $1 million bail.

Court documents obtained by Fox News Digital show that Depa has had three previous battery charges, one each in March 2019, April 2019 and June 2019. All felony charges stem from 13th Court Circuit, which is in Hillsborough County.


Florida deputies have released surveillance video of a student assaulting a high school teacher’s assistant after she allegedly took his Nintendo Switch away during class.

For those charges, court records show Depa completed a program within the Department of Juvenile Justice.


He was initially taken into custody and placed in the Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility, but was later turned over to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said.

After being arrested on Feb. 21, court records show he was released from Department of Juvenile Justice custody on Feb. 22, when he was released into East Coast Habilitation Options in Palm Coast, Florida, which describes itself as a “group home” . agency for children and young people with a behavioral disability.

Depa was arrested again on February 24, when his case was transferred to adult court. Depa is also ordered not to have any contact with the teacher’s assistant he allegedly assaulted.

Court records show that Depa was living with his mother at the time of his most recent arrest on Feb. 21.


student from Florida

Deputies say a female teacher’s assistant allegedly took the Nintendo Switch from him during class, upsetting him.

According to WESH-TV, the teen is considered a student with special needs.

Surveillance video released by police shows the six-foot-tall, 600-pound student running towards the teacher’s assistant and pushing her to the ground, then seen continuing to punch and kick her.

The 17-year-old student beats the teacher’s assistant for several seconds until a group of people forcefully removes him.

Video of the incident shows the high school employee on the floor for several minutes before being helped.

Sheriff Rick Staly said the teacher could have been killed, according to WESH.

“This could have been murder,” Staly said. “When you push people down like that, they bump their heads. You never know what the outcome will be.”

Florida man

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said the incident occurred at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida, and identified a 17-year-old who was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault involving bodily harm.

When the student was arrested, camera video on the body shows him saying “Fk you” to one of the deputies before being arrested.

“I don’t want to go to jail,” the suspect said.

While in custody, Depa reportedly said he would “beat her up every time she takes his game away”. Depa also made comments saying he’s going to “hill her” when he gets back.

The teacher’s assistant was taken to a local hospital where she was treated and released. It is believed she has broken ribs and significant bruising.

Florida arrest

A teenager at a Florida high school was arrested Tuesday after allegedly assaulting a staff member who took his Nintendo Switch from him during class.

“I think she will be out of work for at least several weeks, if she plans to return at all,” said the sheriff’s office wrote.

“This student’s actions are absolutely appalling and completely inappropriate,” Staly said. “We hope that the victim will be able to recover, both mentally and physically, from this incident. Fortunately, students and staff came to the rescue before the SRDs could arrive. Our schools must be a safe place – for both employees and students.”

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