Ashley Graham wears black underwear and gold bust in new photo

Supermodel Ashley Graham has a golden bust. (Photo: Stefania D’Alessandro/WireImage)

Ashley Graham is known for her curves and now her chest is preserved in gold.

The model, 35, shared a photo from social media app BeReal to her Instagram Stories in which she can be seen sporting a gold bust in the middle of a busy studio. Wearing nothing but black underwear and black slippers with her hair pulled back from her face, the mother-of-three robbed on camera in what appears to be a professional photo shoot.

Ashley Graham snaps a picture while making an impression of her breasts.  (Photo: Instagram/Ashley Graham)

Ashley Graham snaps a picture while making an impression of her breasts. (Photo: Instagram/Ashley Graham)

While Graham did not specify which brand the photo shoot was for, she is known as a spokesperson for Knix, an intimate apparel company.

Graham said earlier this week Fashion that she regularly tries to pull back the veil of perfection that reigns on social media by showing off intimate moments that most people would leave tucked away on their phones.

“Enough with the facade, enough with giving us the version of what you want us to see. If that means showing you some crazy pictures of my hairline, who cares? We all have those pictures in our camera rolls — I just decide to place it. It’s not that big of a deal,” Graham explained.

She also noted that while many famous people “just want to show you the glitz and glamour”, she actually “can’t stand that”.

“I always say to people when they sit next to me at a dinner party or when I’m out and about, ‘I hate small talk.’ I really want to go deep. I want to get straight into the hard conversations. And that’s exactly how I feel on social media,” said Graham.

In December, Graham encouraged social media followers to share photos of themselves in response to claims that the body-positivity movement has gone “too far.” The claim came after Graham was criticized for wearing a revealing backless dress to celebrate singer Tori Kelly’s 30th birthday at her eight-year-themed birthday party. While many fans loved her “freakum” dress, some people responded with less complimentary statements implying that Graham should cover her body.

In response, Graham shared a naked photo of herself in the backless gold mesh dress on Twitter and encouraged followers to do the same. Her actions were praised by many and resulted in a surge of followers who responded with photos of themselves joyfully celebrating their bodies in front of the camera.

Graham has gotten real with followers about a variety of other body issues she’s dealt with. Last year, she got candid about postpartum hair loss after giving birth to her twins in January 2022. It wasn’t the first time she had to deal with the problem. In May 2021 she told Parents that her “entire hairline fell out” four months after the birth of her first child. She initially called the experience “traumatic.”

The supermodel has also been candid about how her body changed after giving birth. She showed followers her “new belly” in an effort to embrace how motherhood has changed her body.

“You look very different from what I’m used to,” she wrote, sharing a photo of the stretch marks on her stomach. “But I appreciate you.”

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