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Here’s something I never thought I’d need: a designated place to park my wallet in the car. But now that I’ve experienced the many wonders of the auto cache, I can’t undo it! I “installed” this clever mesh organizer (designed by a woman, of course!) in my Prius in less than a minute, and it immediately proved its worth! Yes, it’s a wallet case, which is a big help, but this multitasker does so much more. Stretched behind the console between the front seats, it keeps my giant puppy from jumping up front, keeps restless kid feet from bumping into me when I’m driving, and even keeps takeout food off the dirty floor. And now you can get it for just $13 – 50% off!

When hubby gobbles up all the cup holders on road trips, the Car Cache is right there to hold my water bottle. And if I’m feeling generous, I can let my daughter use it for storage in the backseat.

I dig my new assistant! I hope it will be as “life-changing” for me as it has been for many of its 7,000+ five-star reviewers. Read on for accolades from other fans and to find out how this simple gadget works.

Keep your stuff safe, tidy and within reach with this smart organizer – now only $14! (Photo: Amazon)

Hold my wallet, please

Like many people, I want my small bag to be in a clean, convenient place, but the passenger seat is rarely available. I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so the unsanitary floorboard is out of the question – and of course it’s completely unsafe to have a handbag underfoot while driving. Now that I’ve added this sturdy, hammock-style holder, my bag stays clean, convenient, and secure.

I agree with the satisfied five-star reviewer who called this a “fantastic invention”! and “a great solution to a common problem.”

Little things like this can really make our days better. Or at least make them less of a mess.

And that fan who said “every car should come with this as standard!” maybe on to something! It should come in every car. Who do we petition? In the meantime, we’re lucky that this add-on only costs $14.

The fan also pointed out that the adjustable straps make it “perfect for all purses/handbags of all shapes and sizes!” My bag I tested it on this weekend is actually small enough to fit in the pocket, but after reading their review I think my backpack will fit in too!

Some fans just can’t contain their excitement: “How am I so excited? I got a new bag and was tired of my kids constantly throwing it out of the car as it floated around the car. Out of desperation, I ordered this within a few seconds installed and I almost started crying with excitement and relief I know that sounds ridiculous but I was so happy to have such a sleek and practical solution to a problem I’ve had for years My wallet stays exactly where I want it sandwiched perfectly between the two seats It does not interfere with the rear passengers at all and it does not interfere with the use of the storage compartment between the seats It is literally perfect in every direction Sturdy Beautifully designed I am ordering more for… gifts for the women in my life.”

I hear you, fellow shopper. I hear you

Auto Cache (Photo: Amazon)

Don’t let your stuff fly. (Photo: Amazon)

Setup is a breeze

Installing the Car Cache took less than a minute and was intuitive. Just point it in the direction you want (I got it pocketed forward) and tie the lower straps in the console between your front seats. Wrap the top straps around the outer bars of the headrest and hook them with the metal carabiners. Adjust the straps, if necessary, and you’re ready to roll.

So easy to install!” wrote one 5-star reviewer. “Installation took less than a minute and it works great! I am very happy with the simple design, and it solves the problem so that my bag has a place and does not fall on the floor… All you have to do to install is to unhook the front loop in the center console Close. It’s adjustable too, so you can be sure it’ll fit right… If you want an easy, convenient place to store your bag, get this one.”

No console? No problem! One fan who digs the “sleek design” and “will never ride without it!” explained the solution: “Although my center console does not have a lid, I came up with another way to use this product that was very easy. The strings on the bottom of the holder are tied around the center console like shoelaces, but instead of while I did, I tied it around the bottom part of the [front] seat belts.”

Car Cache keeps dog out of the front seat.

Time to set some boundaries for the pup. (Photo: Amazon)

Alt uses a lot

Like I said, I found half a dozen great ways to use this thing on day one. Wallet, water and takeaway food; blocking children’s feet and animal faces; organizing the backseat. Be guided by your specific needs.

One fan uses the small pocket for “gloves, sanitizer, etc,” while another uses it for “umbrella, sunglasses, Kleenex, and extra water bottle.”

Another appreciative owner said: “It holds my inverter that I plug my laptop into while charging for when I need to work in the car (parked of course, but I’m a road warrior!)… It’s so simple yet durable and GENIUS!Love it!Highly recommended.

“Every car should have a Car Cache!!” urged another five-star reviewer. “I use it every day to keep my bag safely out of the way and also often to keep an umbrella and water in it. My husband uses Car Cache for his computer, water bottle and other essentials. I found it so useful that I take even take it with me when we go out of town and put it in my rental car! Thank you so much for this great invention…..I can’t imagine my car without it.”

Our car can get chaotic (Girl Scout cookie delivery, road trips, vet visits), so I’m excited and, frankly, relieved to have the Car Cache by my side. How can this gadget help you?

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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