Exploring the Big 12 tournament seeding scenarios for West Virginia

The Big 12 Conference Tournament kicks off next week and West Virginia still has a few scenarios on the table leading up to its final game of the season.

The Mountaineers currently sit at 17-13, 6-11 overall in the Big 12 Conference and have settled as the No. 8 seed that would face them against No. 9 Texas Tech.

But there are different scenarios that can unfold depending on what happens with the latest games. And for this we will focus on West Virginia along with Texas Tech and Oklahoma.

The 7/10 match is scheduled for Wednesday at 7:00 PM, while the 8/9 match will be played around 9:30 PM on the same day. The winner of the 7/10 game plays the No. 2 seed, while the winner of the 8/9 game plays the No. 1 seed.

To get seed #7:

Simply put, there’s no chance of this happening unless West Virginia can beat Kansas State. But the mountaineers are not necessarily in control of their own destiny. Not only does West Virginia need to win against the Wildcats, but they also need some help in the form of Texas Tech beating Oklahoma State.

In that scenario, West Virginia and Oklahoma State would be tied at 7-11 in the league and the Mountaineers would earn the tiebreaker by defeating Kansas State. This would match the Mountaineers against Oklahoma in the No. 7/10 game.

(West Virginia beats Kansas State, Texas Tech beats Oklahoma State)

To get seed #8:

There are several scenarios here that could place West Virginia in this place.

One simply loses to Kansas State in the last game of the regular season and Oklahoma State beats Texas Tech. The Mountaineers would have one more win than the Red Raiders and would play them in the No. 8/9 game.

(West Virginia loses to Kansas State, Oklahoma State beats Texas Tech)

West Virginia would also finish in 8th place if West Virginia can beat Kansas State and Oklahoma State beat Texas Tech. That would put the Mountaineers at 7-11 in the league and they would face No. 9 Texas Tech at 5-13 in the Big 12.

(West Virginia beats Kansas State, Oklahoma State beats Texas Tech)

To get seed #9:

West Virginia loses to Kansas State, but Texas Tech beats Oklahoma State. The Mountaineers would then lose the several tiebreaks to the Red Raiders with both teams tied at 6-12. This too would pit West Virginia against the Red Raiders in the No. 8/9 game with the Mountaineers in a flipped position.

(West Virginia loses to Kansas State, Texas Tech beats Oklahoma State)

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