‘Germany needs a hero, and Mick Schumacher could have been that new hero’: PlanetF1

With the popularity of Formula 1 in Germany on the wane, Franz Tost believes the problem is that “only heroes cause an explosion” and that with the departure of Mick Schumacher, Germany has just missed the chance to find one.

From Michael Schumacher to Sebastian Vettel, Germany knows what it’s like to have the F1 world champion under their banner.

However, that has declined in recent years, with the country even missing out on the Grand Prix. The last German GP was in 2019 when Max Verstappen took victory ahead of Vettel.

But this year Vettel is gone, and so is the Schumacher name.

While the four-time world champion has retired from the sport, Schumacher was dropped by Haas after two difficult seasons. There will be one German on the grid with Nico Hülkenberg returning after three years.

But, says Tost, that is not enough for Germany.

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“Germany is spoiled. You can even feel it in football,” the AlphaTauri team boss told SPORT1.

“I am convinced that the lack of interest at the last World Cup also has something to do with the poor results of the national team. If they had reached the final, half of Germany would have followed the matches in Qatar.

“One thing is certain: people need heroes, and they need them made of flesh and blood, not metal.”

And Germany had just that in Michael Schumacher, the former F1 driver who raced to 91 Grands Prix victories and seven World Drivers’ Championships.

“At the time you wanted to see Michael Schumacher win and not the engine or the Mercedes car,” Tost continued. “Only heroes cause a bang. As Michael Schumacher showed.

“The second example is Boris Becker. Before him, the interest in tennis was more reserved for the wealthy citizens. That changed abruptly with the success of Boris and Steffi Graf. Suddenly all the kids wanted to play tennis.”

The Austrian fears the country has now missed the chance to find a new Formula 1 hero now that Mick is no longer on the grid.

“He could have become the new hero, but unfortunately he is out of the premier class for now,” he said. “What a pity.”

He reiterated that he “would have loved to see him at AlphaTauri, not because of the name, but because I believe in his talent and abilities. Because you don’t just win the Formula 3 and Formula 2 championships.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t work out in the end.”

Tost hopes it won’t be long before Schumacher is racing again. This year, the German will be Mercedes’ reserve driver, but has already announced his intention to get back on the grid for the 2024 championship.

“You’re not really noticed by the general public until you’re constantly in focus,” Tost said. “And you only do that as an operational driver.

“That Mick finds his way back to the starting field as soon as possible. It’s not impossible, but it’s not easy either.”

Germany needs him to do it.

“Mick’s career determines the interest in Germany. A Nico Hulkenberg cannot do it alone,” concluded the 67-year-old.

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