Megan Fox shows off new bob haircut and her figure in tiny orange bikini – check out the pics! Megan Vos/Instagram

Megan Vos/Instagram

Megan Fox rocks a new haircut!

The actress, 36, revealed a much shorter haircut on her Instagram Story Friday, showing she’s done away with her long black locks in favor of something new.

In one fell swoop Night teeth star shoots her best sultry look into the camera as she shows off her layered blonde shoulder-length bob in a selfie.

Her new hair has an ombre effect, with darker shades colored near her roots that gradually transition to a more honey blonde shade towards the bottom. Fox also has bangs that frame her face and hang just below her eyebrows, which she kept dark.  Megan Vos/Instagram Megan Vos/Instagram

Megan Vos/Instagram

Fox has kept her hair relatively long for most of her career. She recently cut her locks last summer but kept the length long. In an Instagram post, her hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, described the look as “short-ER and bouncy.”

Before that, in 2014, the actress cut her hair and rocked one shoulder-length haircut with dark tones during promotions for her starring role in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

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In a separate Instagram story on Friday, Fox also showed off her toned figure, posting a photo below the bust of her body in a tiny orange bikini.  Megan Vos/Instagram Megan Vos/Instagram

Megan Vos/Instagram

Fox has made quite the impression as a fashion icon lately, making headlines for channeling Pamela Anderson in a feathery pink bucket hat last month, and for wearing a memorable all-pink ensemble at her friend Mwith Gun Kellys Life in pink premiered last year.

The star revealed to Glamor in April 2022 that, however, she is still affected by the public perception of her. “When so many people around the world think of you or have negative thoughts or intentions for you, that energy permeates and permeates me,” she told the publication. “I don’t have boundaries and walls for that. I’m still human. I’m still vulnerable in that way, I feel it.”

“I don’t think people understand that we’ve gotten to this point where we understand, ‘Bullying is bad. Kids shouldn’t be bullied. It leads to self-loathing. And eventually it leads to suicide in some cases’.” Fox continued. “But when it comes to a celebrity, all of that gets thrown out the window and people spend so much time bullying celebrities.”

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She added that most of all she wants to be remembered for what she did.

“I’d like to be remembered as someone who was brave, who wasn’t afraid to explore and become myself regardless of anyone else’s comment,” Fox said.

“But I also want my legacy to ultimately be someone who has helped others, helped others find themselves in a similar way, or helped others feel love, feel love for themselves, and pass that love on to their own children and children. to their own family. Because of course that spreads. And that’s what we’re all missing right now,” she added.

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