Star Trek: Discovery boldly continues where many shows have gone before: a final season

Tara Rosling, Doug Jones, Sonequa Martin-Green, Chelah Horsal and Hiro Kanagawa

Star Trek: Discovery is ending. Per Variety, the show will conclude with a fifth and final season in 2024, not 2023 as initially announced. The flagship show for first the streamer of CBS (CBS All Access) and then Paramount +, Discoveries the ability to survive two streamers will not soon be forgotten. That it did this while paving the way for a whole Star Trek revival is even more impressive.

“I can hardly believe this mind blowing journey with Star Trek: Discovery is coming to an end,” said star and producer Sonequa Martin-Green. “I am amazingly blessed by God to have played Captain Michael Burnham and participated in a legacy alongside an extraordinary cast, a phenomenal crew and a remarkable writing team.”

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“I will never forget what it felt like to stand together as a show family and rock the heirloom of march with all those of the franchise in general and with the fans. The fans welcomed us into their hearts when we launched a new version of march and an entire entertainment platform, and we’ll never forget it. 65 episodes later, here’s to the whole company of it Star Trek: Discovery, to the show and its fifth and final season, to its beloved fans and to all those who envision a brighter future. Let’s fly… “

However, the series is not quite over yet. In the final season, “Captain Burnham (Martin-Green) and the crew of the USS Discovery uncover a mystery that will send them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose existence has been deliberately hidden for centuries. has been held.”

One of the more divisive entries in the Star Trek canon, Discoverynevertheless rejuvenated the franchise in a way like Chris Pine’s “cursed” (his words) series did. Since its launch in 2017, Discovery a new wave began Star Trek TV shows that opened up the series to a wider universe. Animated programs like Star Trek: lower decks and Nickelodeon’s Star Trek: child prodigy helped to recontextualize what a march could be, with a modern comedic tone and adventures that could be. Naturally, Star Trek: Picard has had a more mixed reaction, but now the whole Next generation back on board, there’s reason to get excited about the show again. In the meantime, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds was the rare reboot that fans eagerly clung to.

Star Trek: Discovery hasn’t aired since its fourth season in 2021. Perhaps the three-year hiatus will help make the final season worthy of the franchise.

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