Statistics that stood out against LSU

Sean East II played his best basketball in mid-February. The senior point guard had three straight games in which he scored a minimum of 14 points. But the output of Louisville resident Ky. has dropped a bit since then.

In his last four games, East scored a combined 13 runs. His shooting numbers didn’t get any better against LSU in Wednesday night’s 81-76 road win. East only went 1-5 from the field and scored four runs.

But unlike the three games leading up to Wednesday’s game, East made amends with crisp passes and dished out six assists with no turnovers. It is the highest assist-to-turnover percentage he has had in a game this season.

Among qualified players, East has the best support percentage on Missouri’s roster, accounting for 20.4% of his team’s dimes while on floor, which ranks in the top 400 nationally. Mizzou as a team had 13 assists and seven turnovers against LSU, meaning the assist-to-turnover ratio would not have been positive without East.

All but one of East’s dimes resulted in three-pointers for the team, a result of his ability to penetrate the defense and punt the ball to the open man. His assists were also on time. Three of them were aimed at D’Moi Hodgethe first two tied the game at 59-59 and the third gave Missouri its first lead at 77-74.

MU head coach Dennis Gates said earlier this season that he considers East the Tigers’ best risk taker when it comes to sharing the ball. But all of East’s risks paid off on Wednesday.

“Sean East has impacted the game in a great way with his six assists,” said Gates. “And obviously his pass to D’Moi — I think that was the go-ahead or to break the three-pointer. It took vision, but also trust and faith in his teammates.”

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