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Sure, it’s winter and the snow can cover your garden. But now it’s time to plan ahead so that when spring arrives you’ll be ready… for weeds! Gardens overtaken by weeds belong to the territory (literally). But squatting and stooping is hard on your back. You have three options: 1) let the weeds win; 2) pay hundreds for a professional service; or 3) head over to Walmart and pick up this clever tool that gets the job done without bending over. Grampa’s Weeder is a big hit among Walmart shoppers, and no wonder: Designed to work from a standing position, it pulls weeds without stressing the joints.

With a great origin story (see below) and legions of fans, Grampa’s Weeder is one of those items you’ll wonder how you ever lived without, and it’s only $40 at Walmart.

Here’s what one little garden warrior had to say: “I love this tool! It works great. It’s the perfect length for me (I’m 5’7”). It’s sturdy and super easy to use….My biggest weed problem is dandelions.No more sitting or kneeling in the garden with a screwdriver for me….I love them so much I’ve bought one for several members of my family.Highly recommended!

Brilliant design

Tired of fighting weeds infesting the garden? Stick a fork in them – they’re ready! (Photo: Grandpa’s Weeder)

The family behind Grampa’s Weeder gives full credit to history. It was more of a discovery than an invention. In a relative’s old garage, they came across a tool they couldn’t identify. After fiddling with it, they realized it was a clever weed remover. A little research revealed that the standing weed remover design dated back to 1913. But it was still as relevant and effective as ever. Inspired to share this effective tool with the world, the family started making a modern version of it.

Made from powder-coated steel and strong bamboo, Grampa’s Weeder has a steel head with four claws that loosens and lifts stubborn weeds with very little elbow grease. The 45-inch handle allows you to do the work completely upright, using the power of your legs. Just hold it over the weed, step on the head and turn. Leverage is built into the design.

“Just get it, your knees will thank you,” insisted one satisfied customer. “This really is the ultimate tool for weeding! It only takes a minute to learn, and then you won’t have to get down on your hands and knees to pull them out… No regrets.”

Woman in a garden with a Grampa's Weeder.

Even grandmas can use a Grampa’s Weeder while gardening. (Photo: Grandpa’s Weeder)

Sturdy and easy to use

For those dealing with an overabundance of weeds, this is a lifesaver. “My yard is covered in some kind of thistle weed and I didn’t want to spray poison on the lawn so I bought this Grampa’s weed killer. Works really well I’d say it grabs the whole root 95% of the time you get it under the knee…. I must have literally pulled a hundred of these thistle weeds today and it didn’t kill me… You can push the lever down with your foot to open it and use your shoe to push the weed out and rake them all up when you’re done.

Many fans rave about the satisfaction of loosening deep roots with very little effort – noting that Grampa’s Weeder will keep you going strong in the garden. One customer simply called it “the perfect weeder.” They continued, “I can’t get to the ground anymore so I needed a tool to get the weeds out. It’s so easy to use, just push it into the ground and lift it back up. And it’s well made.” wood and steel. Not a flimsy plastic or aluminum thing that’s going to break. I really love it!!”

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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